November 20 – November 22, 1987

Cine Acción Showcase


800 Chestnut Street

San Francisco, CA, 94133

November 20: 6pm-11pm

November 21: 12pm-6:30pm

November 22: 12pm-6:30pm

Cine Acción was founded in 1980 to encourage and promote the production, distribution, and appreciation of contemporary Latino/American independent film. Through innovative programming strategies and community-based promotional efforts, Cine Acción brings to diverse Bay Area audiences specialized programs, and helps its members realize challenging and often controversial projects. The Cinematheque is pleased to help in co-sponsoring Cine Acción’s first three-day festival, including 27 different works (in both film and video), many of which have been recognized as major statements on Latino culture. Among the filmmakers represented will be: Jean Ishibashi, Jose Arujo, Patricia Aquayo, Yolanda Lopez, Adrian Carrasco, Luz Agudelo, Ray Telles, Susana Munoz and Lourdes Portillo, and others. For a complete listing of films and tapes, call Cine Acción (695-0673).