What’s Out Tonight Is Lost (1983) by Phil Solomon

Sunday, January 18, 1987, 7:30 pm

Cinematograph Publication Party

Reception: 6:30pm Screenings: 7:30pm & 9:15pm


800 Chestnut Street

San Francisco, CA, 94133

The Cinematheque will begin its winter season with a party celebrating the publication of the second volume of Cinematograph. The evening will include a wine and cheese reception and a free screening of films drawn from the Program Index in Volume 2 covering the Cinematheque’s exhibition schedule from Sept. ’84 to June ’85.

Screening at 7:30pmUntitled by Melanie Berry, Zone by Sokhi Wagner, Twig by Michael Mideke, Mutiny by Abigail Child, Baby in a Rage by Chuck Hudina, the ragged edges of the hollow by Edwin Cariati, Frame Line by Gunvor Nelson.

Screening at 9:15pm After God Il by Leslie Singer, Bopping the Great Wall of China Blue by Saul Levine, Morning Procession in Yangchow by Daniel Bamett, Foot’Age Shoot Out by Kurt Kren, Pearl and Puppet by Roger Jacoby, Deciduous by Lynn Kirby, What’s Out Tonight Is Lost by Phil Solomon, and A Visit to Indiana by Curt McDowell.