Spying (1977-78) by Joe Gibbons

Saturday, June 4, 1988, 8:00 pm

Cold Eye, Tattered Look: Super 8 from Boston


1151 Mission Street

San Francisco, CA, 94103

Tonight’s program features mostly new super 8 films selected by Boston filmmaker Saul Levine, whose influence has helped make that city one of the most productive arenas for super 8 filmmaking in the country. “Current in screening rooms, lofts and cellars, these works turn a cold eye at super 8 and a hard look at the representation of intimacy, sexuality, and privacy in a world of escalating surveillance management. Though presenting bleak vistas, these films are also filled with wit, laughter, and music.” (S.L.) Films include Scrape and Shmateh IV by Levine, Going to the Dogs and Spying by Joe Gibbons, Crime Home Movies and Elvis Unchained by Dana Moser, Reproduction: the Original Sin by Sylvia Gruner, Red Rooster and Rah!Rah!Rah! by Tom Rhoads, ,nor by Pelle Lowe, Talking to Myself by Anne Robertson, and Baby Al by Ann Steuernagel.