SL-1 poster by Diane Orr and C Larry Roberts

Sunday, April 8, 1984, 8:00 pm

Diane Orr and C Larry Roberts: SL-1

The filmmakers will be present


800 Chestnut Street

San Francisco, CA, 94133

SL-1, 1983, 60 min.; written and directed by Diane Orr and C Larry Roberts

Strong Willed Women Subdue and Subjugate Reptiles, 1982, 11 min.; by C Larry Roberts

Bay Area filmmakers Diane Orr and C Larry Roberts have had two films shown on public TV in the past year. Roberts is known for his surrealistically poetic films, Orr for her award-winning documentaries. SL-1 has been featured in numerous international festivals and was a prize-winner at Filmfestival Manheim. Orr and Roberts will be present.

SL-1 is a true story about the unbelievable events that led up to and followed America’s first nuclear accident in 1961. Newsweek characterized the event as a bizarre murder/suicide perpetrated by one of the reactor’s operators. SL-1 features archival footage and contemporary interviews mixed with a pseudo-investigatory enactment of an ersatz film noir.

Strong Willed Women…  is an affectionate treatment of found images of Women and alligators.