Voyeuristic Tendencies (1983) by Dominic Angerame

Thursday, February 9, 1984, 8:00 pm

Dominic Angerame


800 Chestnut Street

San Francisco, CA, 94133

Dominic Angerame has compiled a filmography of more than twenty works. Currently residing in San Francisco, he is the co-manager of Canyon Cinema and teaches filmmaking. He comes to San Francisco following 10 years of filmmaking in Chicago.

El Train Film, 1976, 4 min.; Neptunian Space Angel, 1977, 9 min.; SFAI, 1980, 5 min.; A Film, 1978, 4 min.; Freedom’s Skyway, 1980, 5 min.; A Ticket Home, 1981, 12 min.; I’d Rather Be In Paris, 1982, 16 min.; The Mystery of Life (as discovered in Los Angeles), 1982, 3 min.; Voyeuristic Tendencies, 1983, 20 min.

“Dominic Angerame has achieved that ability to capture the hidden aesthetics behind the so-called normal reality of everyday life.” (Larry Robinson)

“I was immediately impressed by Dominic Angerame’s strong and insightful ability to identify points of high cinematic significance. He is totally committed and is in touch with the soul of filmmaking. He has hammered out his approach in the face of considerable obstacles. He will continue.” (Robert Fulton)