June 20 – February 21, 2024

Film Installations: 8 Artists

June 20-21, Open 1pm-6pm


360 9th St

San Francisco, CA 94133

One of the significant developments of the past 15 years is the increased tendency to bring film out of the theater and into non-traditional settings. The works of these artists, each a self-contained visual environment, explore the boundaries of how moving images can be presented. The weekend’s installations include: Monument by Michael Rudnick, Tirgu Jiu by Paul Sharits, Remote Sensing by Janis Crystal Lipzin & Lithic Forensics by J.C. Lipzin and Bill Baldewicz, Cine-Saw by William Grubaugh, LOOPS by Scott Stark, 🚻 by Louis Hock, and The Order of Things by Will Miller.