Saturday, May 28, 1988, 8:00 pm

First Exposures: New Films & Videotapes

New works curated by Jeanne Finley and Lynn Kirby


1151 Mission Street

San Francisco, CA, 94103

This show premieres a selection of diverse films and tapes by artists who have not previously shown at the Cinematheque. Ranging in approach from explorations of narrative to using the camera as a surveillance tool, this program was curated by Jeanne Finley and Lynn Kirby who are interested in promoting showcases for new artists and in establishing a dialogue between film and video work. Included will be work by: Larry Andrews, Paula Levine, Jason Simon, Victoria Beardon, Phil Elie, Paul Mcleod, Lily Hotchkiss, Kimberely Jennings, Zoe Vivino, Laurie Bernard, Ted White, Leslie Alperin, and Hrabba Gunnarsdottir.