Forevermore: Biography of a Leach Lord (1989) by Eric Saks

Thursday, October 5, 1989, 8:00 pm

Forevermore: Biography Of A Leach Lord By Eric Saks

Filmmaker Eric Saks in person


800 Chestnut Street

San Francisco, CA, 94133

Los Angeles filmmaker Eric Saks’ Forevermore (1989, 83’) chronicles the life of toxic waste dumper Isaac Hudak, in an oblique narrative derived from his diary entries beginning with childhood and extending through old age in the imaginary future. Hudak’s ‘midnight dumping’ serves as focal point for an intricate weave of facts, re-enactments, imaginative uses of imagery, and astute observations of the American landscape.  Working within Hollywood’s fringes, Eric Saks makes films which “subvert cinematic conventions, particularly through fake documentary structures and a strong personal point of view.” (E.S.)