Rainy Season (1987) by George Kuchar

Saturday, May 7, 1988, 8:00 pm

George Kuchar: The Winter Tapes

Film/video maker George Kuchar in person


1151 Mission Street

San Francisco, CA, 94103

George Kuchar continues to amaze with his inexhaustible ability to give cinematic form to his daily life. Tonight’s program includes four sections of his ongoing diary, each receiving its Bay Area premiere: Rainy Season, “part of my holiday series as Thanksgiving is embedded in this production which is sort of bleak in outlook. There are shots of food and hints of sex but the dampness aggravates the rotting tendencies of both pleasures as the joy is short-lived;” Mecca of the Frigid, “Winter is in full swing in Milwaukee as I visit the University and drop in on Bob Nelson. There is life beneath the frozen exteriors,” Return to the House of Pain, “Snow coats the ‘Big Apple’ as we descend into the halls of the Millenium and then surface back to the ‘Golden State’ which is tarnished by gastric distress;” and Xmas 1987 New Years, in which “happiness returns to the season of merriment as a fireplace burns. Christmas lights bubble and living things chomp on things that once lived also.” (G.K.)