​​Hopi: Songs of the Fourth World (1983) by Pat Ferrero

Sunday, May 20, 1984, 7:30 pm

Hopi: Songs of the Fourth World

A Film by Pat Ferrero


800 Chestnut Street

San Francisco, CA, 94133

Hopi: Songs of the Fourth World, 1983, 58 min. A sensitive examination of the meaning and depth of the Hopi way — a philosophy of living life in a balance with nature, of surviving in a precarious environment. By interweaving the seasonal cycle of the growth of corn, a food held sacred to the Hopi, with the cycle of human experience, the interrelationships of both sacred and secular spheres are explored… The stories they share reflect a life in which faith and an adherence to traditional values have enabled them to persist in the face of a rapidly changing world. Narration by Ronnie Gilbert.