A Girl’s Own Story (1984) by Jane Campion

Tuesday, February 14, 1989, 8:00 pm


Valentine’s Day Show


1151 Mission Street

San Francisco, CA, 94103

The Roman feast of Lupercalia, a Western Christian holiday dedicated to the patron saint of lovers in distress, a boon day for flower and chocolate businesses. February 14 is the first in a series of shows that address issues of romance. Work includes a wide range of genres that challenge the personal and cultural dynamics of relationships, desire, love and sex. This first program includes: A Girl’s Own Story by Jane Campion; A Comedy in Six Unnatural Acts by Jan Oxenberg; Manhattan Love Suicides by Nick Zedd; and A.I.D.S.C.R.E.A.M. by Jerry Tartaglia. Programmed by Lynn Kirby.