The Winter Footage (Warming up to the Sky Socialist) (1964) by Ken Jacobs

Saturday, May 26, 1984, 8:00 pm

Ken Jacobs


762 Valencia St.

San Francisco, CA 94110

The Winter Footage (Warming up to the Sky Socialist), 1964, 8mm/1984, 16mm. “Underground film was news. People recognized my name, but my way of life remained inviolate; I was still waiting tables. After Baud’lairian Capers, my 16 camera stolen (I suspected Ron Rice), I pursued the same things in Standard 8: forbidding history, the staring lesson of the Brooklyn Bridge a block from home, wedding Flo (problem: I kept seeing Anne Frank), camera fun. Bob Fleischner’s Fix. We casually played our dress-up, played about the edges of a story that was never stated. It was a home movie of my psychic life of the time. This will be the first public screening of this revised and expanded intro to The Sky Socialist in 16mm format at last.” -K.J., 1984.

Urban Peasants, Stella Weiss and Ken Jacobs, 1975; “…Did I mediate too much? To really preserve historic footage we’ve got to be presented bluntly.” –K.J., 1984