Big Story (1984) by Nina Fonoroff

Sunday, October 19, 1986, 8:00 pm

Konrad Steiner/Nina Fonoroff

Both filmmakers will be present


758 Valencia Street

San Francisco, CA 94110

Presentations by two San Francisco-based filmmakers who are concerned with refining an inner consciousness and private dialogue with their material. 


Konrad Steiner: Lyric Auger (1985) — “The longer one looks, the more imagination gets involved in sight. So intent on an image overlong, one might lose sight of the object altogether. The organizing principle of the film is the fear of looking too long (Orpheus).”; and Limn (1986) — “The conceit is in the series title that I could give a poet something to think about in using images to call up words.”


Nina Fonoroff: The Region of Recovery (1986) — “A place where objects don’t adhere to their ‘proper’ locations or dimensions; blocking their own passage, occluding themselves, generating their own shadows and echoes.”; Empathy (1980) — Referring to the need to speak about something that can only be spoken around; common experience known privately”; and Big Story (1984).