Natural Selection (1984) by Larry Gottheim

Saturday, April 14, 1984, 8:00 pm

Larry Gottheim: Natural Selection

The filmmaker will be present


762 Valencia St.

San Francisco, CA 94110

Larry Gottheim will appear in person with his newest film, Natural Selection. He will follow the film with a talk entitled “Free Vibrations in the Space between Work and Music, Sound and Image.” The talk will involve selections from earlier films (Elective Affinities: Mouches Volantes, Four Shadows, etc.) and other material relating to his ideas about sound cinema.

Natural Selection, 1984, 35 min.; “The film is grounded in a body of material shot in 1981-82, in a cooperative creative venture… I observed and listened closely to the meaning-laden elements sift and sediment, eddy and spiral, let them evolve into five constellations, each cohering around selected phrases from Darwin.”

Larry Gottheim has a long-standing interest in utilizing new modes of composing with sound and image film material. His films have been included in two Whitney Biennial Film programs.