La Region Centrale (1970-71) by Michael Snow

Thursday, April 12, 1984, 8:00 pm

Michael Snow: La Region Centrale


800 Chestnut Street

San Francisco, CA, 94133

Since the mid-’50s Michael Snow has been working with film, sculpture, painting, playing trumpet and piano, in short following all his instincts in the pursuit of artistic vision.

La Region Centrale, 1970-71, 190 min.; “This new three hour film by the Canadian Michael Snow is an extraordinary cinematographic monument. No physical action, not even the presence of a man, a fabulous game with nature and machine which puts into question our perceptions, our mental habits, and in many respects renders moribund existing cinema: the latest Fellini, Kubrick, Buñuel etc.” — Le Monde, Paris.

“I composed the camera movements, made an overall score for the film. Pierre worked out a system of supplying the orders to the machine to move in various patterns by means of sound tapes. Each direction has a different frequency of an electronic sine wave assigned to it. The speed information is in terms of beats or pulses going from slow to fast. This layered but simple sound space is the sound track.” — M.S.

It is recommended that the audience bring pillows for this uninterrupted program.