Film Study (1926) by Hans Richter

Saturday, March 1, 1986, 8:00 pm

Moholy-Nagy and the ‘20s Abstract Film


758 Valencia Street

San Francisco, CA 94110

The early films of Moholy-Nagy have recently become available after a long absence thanks to new prints prepared by the Museum of Modern Art. As a key member of the Bauhaus and a leading figure in the European avant-garde, Moholy-Nagy was at the heart of the early experimental film scene. Tonight we will show several of his best films along with others made by some of his most famous contemporary artists, including Marcel Duchamp, Hans Richter, Man Ray, Fernand Léger and Oskar Fischinger.

Berlin Still Life (1926), Marseille Vieux Port (1929) and Lightplay: Black White Gray (1930) by Moholy-Nagy; Anemic Cinema (1926) by Duchamp; Film Study (1926) by Richter; Ballet Mécanique (1924) by Léger and Murphy; Emak Bakia (1926) by Man Ray; Spiritual Constructions (1927) by Fischinger.