17 Reasons Why (1985-87) by Nathaniel Dorsky

Saturday, February 13, 1988, 8:00 pm

Nathaniel Dorsky

Nathaniel Dorsky in person


1151 Mission Street

San Francisco, CA, 94103

Films: Hours for Jerome (1965-70/1982), 17 Reasons Why (1985-87), Alaya (1976-87)

Nathaniel Dorsky has been making films since the early 1960s. While working in the film industry during these years as an editor and cameraman he has also patiently and carefully developed a body of his own films. These works are notable for their undeniable craft, visual beauty, but above all for a clarity of design and concentration that enlightens the world beyond the personal source of his images. Tonight’s program offers a rare opportunity to view part of an early but seminal work, Hours for Jerome, a film of the seasons which “marries light with intelligence,” as well as 17 Reasons Why, made in the 4-image format of unslit regular-8, “an unpretentious look at the film frame itself…the simple and primordial delight of luminous Kodachrome and rich black & white chugging thru these time worn gates,” and Alaya, “Sand, wind and light intermingle with the emulsions. The viewer is the star.” (N.D.)