Saturday, May 12, 1984, 8:00 pm

New Filmmakers


762 Valencia St.

San Francisco, CA 94110

This is the second in a series of programs presenting work by filmmakers from around the country who are having their first showing at the Cinematheque.

Andrea Sacker: Loose Louie/Carpenter, 1981, 8 min., 16mm; “A study of thought processes via fragmentation . . . Carpenter is my father.” – A.S.

Yasunori Yamamoto: Pulse 24, 1981, 20 min., super 8; a recording of everyday life and rhythms, is now 51 reels long and has been shown in its entirety in Tokyo and New York. 

John Sherman: Standclear, 1982 12 min., 16mm; a portrait of a man in his urban environment with narrative suggestion and non-narrative grounding.

Franco Marinai: Window with a View, 1981, 15 min., super 8; the third part of a four-part film with Anna Thorsdottir by this Italian-born filmmaker.

Adam Zucker: Passages, 1980, 10 min., 16mm; a sculptural mosaic constructed from the New York City harbor. Adam Zucker is co-programmer of the New Filmmakers Showcase at the Collective for Living Cinema and curator of tonight’s program.