S1 (1986) by Christoph Janetzko

Thursday, December 3, 1987, 8:00 pm

New Films by Christoph Janetzko

Christoph Janetzko in person


800 Chestnut Street

San Francisco, CA, 94133

Films: SN (1984), S1 (1986), “M” (1986), and On Ludlow in blau (1987).

The Cinematheque welcomes back West German filmmaker Christoph Janetzko, whose S1 was one of the highlights of our 1985 season. Janetzko’s work is notable for the rigor and economy of his craft: his films are meticulously controlled while remaining lyrical and sensually absorbing. “‘M’ is an abbreviation for Manhattan. A poetic documentary. An abbreviation can always mean something else. The upper edge where Manhattan outlines the sky has nothing in common with the overwhelming impressions of any NYC sidewalk. With reduced and silent photography, ‘M’ dwells on the shy side of the city’s character.” (C.J.) On Ludlow… explores a sultry summer afternoon from the perspective of an insect. Through his camera Janetzko discovers aesthetic life within tiny squares of patched wallpaper and windowshades. “Underneath the profane, dusty surfaces, unknown and strong microcosms are hidden.” (C.J.) Co-sponsored by the Goethe Institute.