Living in the World (1984) by Joe Gibbons

Saturday, February 25, 1984, 8:00 pm

New Personal Cinema Super 8


800 Chestnut Street

San Francisco, CA, 94133

Tonight’s show includes Joe Gibbons’ return to filmmaking. He is joined by local filmmakers Gail Currey and David Gerstein and by Marjorie Keller (New York) and Mark Lapore (Boston).

Red in Blue Letters, by Gail Currey, 1980, 15 min. Hints of an emotional drama are paradoxically combined with objects and spaces seen purely as shape and color. (G.C.)

Without Titles, by David Gerstein, 1983, 19 min. Art is a direct manifestation of life. Some things are more interesting than others. (D.G.)

Living in the World, by Joe Gibbons, 1984, 15 min. How it’s done or not done. A didactic film, a documentary, a narrative. (J.G.)

Lyrics, by Marjorie Keller, 1983, 9 min. Three songs between heaven and earth. With Carmen, Susan, Joseph and Marcus Vigil. (M.K.)

Medina, by Mark Lapore, 1983, 20 min. A personal portrait of a village and the death of its culture. Filmed in Sudan, North Africa. (M.L.)