A Piece of Skin (1989) by Katherine Enos

Saturday, June 9, 1990, 8:00 pm

Open Screening Highlights 1989-90


1151 Mission Street

San Francisco, CA, 94103

1989 proved to be one of our most exciting and successful seasons of Open Screenings. Tonight’s program of film/video highlights includes: Town of Day by Jerome Carolfi, Michael G. Page’s Laundry by Duncan MacLeod, Looking Back by Ramon Quanta La Gusta, A Piece of Skin by Katherine Enos, Cement City Expedition by Bill Daniel, Red by Kent Howie, Little 8’s by Phyllis Christopher, Untitled by Kurt Easterwood, Condemnation by Kevin Deal, Untitled by Wallace King, Pure Horseradish by Bruce Smithhammer, The Pain of Goats by Michael Perkins, and The History of America by Andy Meade. Curated by Lissa Gibbs.