Sidewinder’s Delta (1976) by Pat O’Neill

Saturday, March 24, 1984, 8:00 pm

Pat O’Neill

The filmmaker will be present


762 Valencia St.

San Francisco, CA 94110

Since 1967 the work of Pat O’Neill has been synonymous with a surrealistic merging of mundane Southern California objects and landscapes into an imaginary (and imaginative) world of colors, shapes, spaces and movements. This will be his first visit to the Bay Area in more than four years. The show will include the premier screening of a current work-in-progress as well as a selection of earlier films. These films are particularly noteworthy for O’Neill’s uses of the optical printer to create effects that transcend mere technique, building a world of almost abstract purity.

Work-in-Progress, ca. 40 min.; Sidewinder’s Delta, 1976, 20 min.; Foregrounds, 1978, 14 min.; Sleeping Dogs (Never Lie), 1979, 9 min.; and other selected films