The Last Clean Shirt (1964) by Alfred Leslie

Sunday, June 10, 1984, 7:30 pm

Poets on Film: Frank O’Hara


800 Chestnut Street

San Francisco, CA, 94133

As such poems as “To the Film Industry in Crisis” and “For James Dean” show, Frank O’Hara was an ardent (and knowing) moviegoer. This program documents O’Hara’s direct involvement with film in the mid-1960s, as scriptwriter, dialogue specialist, and star. (He had participated in earlier film projects with Daisy Aldan and Rudy Burckhardt.) Topping the bill are the premieres of O’Hara’s two collaborations with Alfred Leslie, The Last Clean Shirt (1964), (West Coast premiere), and Act & Portrait (1966), (World premiere), for which O’Hara wrote subtitles and dialogue respectively. The only print of Act & Portrait was damaged by fire in 1966 and has only just recently been restored. USA: Poetry: Frank O’Hara and Frank O’Hara: Second Edition feature scenes of O’Hara and Leslie working on Act, O’Hara reading his poems and discussing filmlore, the art world, international modernism.