Thursday, February 12, 1987, 8:00 pm

Power Boothe/Fred Worden

Both filmmakers will be present


800 Chestnut Street

San Francisco, CA, 94133

Power Boothe has established himself as a significant force in painting, set design, and filmmaking. He has worked with many key artists of the past twenty years (Michael Snow, Lucinda Childs, Charles Moulton), and will show a selection of films spanning 14 years of activity. Match (1973) and Overture (1986) combine the aesthetics of early surrealist and structural filmmaking. When That (1985) concerns itself with the reactions of a woman in the context of mysterious rooms and doors. Mad House (1986) explores the provocative encounter of two aspects of one woman attempting to make contact with another. The two characters are performed by choreographer Catlin Cobb.

New York filmmaker Fred Worden will be returning to the Cinematheque for the first time since 1981, presenting a new group of films. “My work starts with the ideas of film as a non-literate, direct perceptual experience. Sound and language are then let in as a kind of test of original assumptions.” (F.W.)

Films: How the Hell I Ripped Jack Goldstein’s Painting in the Elevator (1986), Lure (1986), Plotting the Grey Scale: 2 or 3 Quick Traverses (1985), Here, There, Now Later (1983).