Thursday, May 10, 1984, 8:00 pm

Raw Variety

The filmmakers will be present.


800 Chestnut Street

San Francisco, CA, 94133

A group of six filmmakers reacting to the moribund state of esthetics through different techniques. Social response, communication and film/photo extensions are concerns this program addresses. The group consists of two German, two Norwegian and two American filmmakers.

Lars Berg: Mololog, 1984, 4 min.; Alexandra Koenigsmann: Form, 1981, 8 min., Thought Transference, 1984, 10 min, I am not…, 1984, 45 sec.; David Ronce: YKFU in the first position, 1978, 10 min.; Melanie Shopa: Boys, 1984, 3 min.; Thomas Tellander: April 84, USA, 3 min., Falling Apart, 1984, 5 min.; Knut Wilhelm: Next, 1984, 6 min.; and an installation by Shopa and Tellander, 1982, 10 min. Program curated by Th. T.