Sunday, October 23, 1988, 8:00 pm

RE-VISIONARY FILM: Fantasy Scenarios

Panel Discussion


800 Chestnut Street

San Francisco, CA, 94133

Tonight’s panel discussion will celebrate the publication of Cinematograph, Volume 3. Like this volume, the panel’s theme will be an examination of the positive aspects of marginality as applicable to experimental filmmaking. The panel will be a moderated by Christine Tablyn, Volume 3’s editor; the panelists will include filmmakers Peggy Ahwesh and Barbara Hammer, poet and critic David Levi Strauss, and Jonathan Rosenbaum, film critic for the Chicago Reader. “Will the future of experimental filmmaking be politically factionalized, sensually decadent, commercially compromised, or narcissistically onanistic? The panelists will address these questions, unleashing their imaginations to visualize future utopias in experimental filmmaking.”—Christine Tamblyn