Thursday, December 12, 1985, 8:00 pm

Robert Fox/Steven Weisberg


800 Chestnut Street

San Francisco, CA, 94133

Robert Fox lives in San Francisco and uses many forms of found or created transparencies in his films and projection pieces, physically “tearing them down and building again. It is during the transition of the material from one tense to another that I begin to see relationships of line, form, textures and gesture.” Films: Intercurrent (1985), The Rose Arbor Inn (1985), Piece for slide projectors and variable speed film projector (1984-85).

Steven Weisberg is a New York filmmaker/photographer currently finishing a long portrait of Nicaragua. Films: To Die Dreaming (1983) — “Nicaragua, besieged by the CIA, finds equanimity In everyday life. A North American view.”; Steve’s Watering Apparatus (1984), super-8 — “A self-portrait.”; Familial Scenes (1981), super-8: A More Perfect Union (1982) — “Aggressive SWJM 30, seeks monogamous relationship with open-minded responsive audience. No druggies, please. Must love animals, Snow, and poetry. Must be well-heeled, but not too tall. Great fun at conventions.” (Quotes. S.W.)