Cinderella (1986) by Erika Beckman

Thursday, December 11, 1986, 8:00 pm

Romance and Resistance


800 Chestnut Street

San Francisco, CA, 94133

Perils (1986) by Abigail Child, sound collage by Child of cartoon soundtracks and musicians Christian Marclay & Elliot Noyes. Relishing and unmasking the vocabulary of silent film gestures in a sound film construction, Child creates a film of radical invention and excitement. “A subversion of melodrama.” — A.C.

Cinderella by Erika Beckman (1986, West Coast premiere), music collaboration by Beckman and Brooke Halpin. A musical treatment of the original story, Cinderella is projected like a ping-pong ball back and forth, from the hearth to the castle. The witching hour of 12:00 arrives again and again, always too late, leaving this girl lost in the lurch.” — E.B.

A Girl She Is 100% and Attack on a Bakery by Naoto Yamakawa. Reconceptualizing the genre of sentimental city romance, Yamakawa exuberantly exposes the conventions of fiction and social stereotypes.