Satrapy (1988) by Scott Stark

Saturday, December 3, 1988, 8:00 pm

Scott Stark: Films and Multiple Projection Work

Scott Stark in person


1151 Mission Street

San Francisco, CA, 94103

San Francisco-based filmmaker Scott Stark returns to Cinematheque with a program of all new works made since his last appearance in 1986. Tonight’s program features the premiere of W, a three projector Super-8 companion work to Stark’s 1987 Auto Evocation, as well as premieres of two 16mm and three regular-8 films made by shooting movie film in a 35mm still camera. “The mechanics of this ‘wrong camera’ technique activate the surface of the film, provoking startling new ways of seeing through and beyond the edges of a three-dimensional reality.” — S.S. 16mm films: Chromesthetic Response (1987); The Sound of His Face (1988); Satrapy (1988). Regular-8 films: Splitting You/Splitting Me/Still (1988); Politics of Difference: Part 1 (Female) and Part 2 (Male). Triple projector Super-8 film: W (1988).