Mnemosyne Mother of Muses (1987) by Larry Gottheim

Sunday, June 21, 1987, 8:00 pm

Second Sights — Program 1

Highlights of the Year


800 Chestnut Street

San Francisco, CA, 94133

As our programming season draws to a close (prior to a 2-month summer break), the Cinematheque can look back to a number of films premiered during the past 12 months that demonstrated the breadth and vitality of film expression. It is fitting that we close our 25th anniversary celebration with 3 programs highlighting many of these films, giving an opportunity rare for short films—a second viewing.

Films: Spleen by Peter Herwitz, Dante Trilogy by Stan Brakhage, The Cup and the Lip by Warren Sonbert, Department of the Interior by Nina Fonoroff, The Straw Man by Alice Armstrong, and Mnemosyne Mother of Muses by Larry Gottheim.