Juntos En La Vida, Unidos En La Muerte (1985) by Willie Varela

Sunday, September 28, 1986, 8:00 pm

Small Gauge Sights: New Super-8 Films


758 Valencia Street

San Francisco, CA 94110

Tonight’s program features work made by filmmakers working almost exclusively in the super-8 format. In each case super-8 is used by the filmmaker as a focal point for representing direct, sensual ways of seeing.

Ellen Gaine: Untitled and Fragment, which meditates exquisitely on different levels, reflections, and shapes in and around a body of water. Willie Varela: Juntos En La Vida, Unidos En La Muerte, shot in Mexico, “an attempt to come to some kind of understanding as to the ways in which death’s shadow moves in this sad and beautiful country,” and Passing Through; Peter Herwitz: Reveries, delicately balancing intimate cocoon-like spaces of home with glimpses of the outside world. Chika Ogura: Seasonal Film.