Apologies (1986) by Anne Robertson

Saturday, April 16, 1988, 8:00 pm

Super-8 Films & Performances By Anne Robertson

Filmmaker Anne Robertson in person


1151 Mission Street

San Francisco, CA, 94103

Boston filmmaker Anne C. Robertson has been working in super-8 since 1976, and her completed films include an ongoing diary currently lasting more than 40 hours, interactive performance films, visual studies, animations, and self-therapy confessionals which she adapts for each screening. She will present: Windows (1984-85), “Being inside and outside of windows through four seasons”; Apologies (1986), with performance, “a self-therapy for the terrible habit of apologizing for everything”; The Nude (1983-87), with performance; Suicide (1979); and Fruit (1985), “A friend said my skin was ripe, so I compare myself to and play with fruit.