She/Va (1971) by Marjorie Keller

Sunday, December 8, 1985, 8:00 pm

The Answering Furrow and Others By Marjorie Keller

Filmmaker Marjorie Keller in person


762 Valencia St.

San Francisco, CA 94110

Marjorie Keller has long been one of the most vital and respected champions of the independent personal cinema. Keller’s work achieves a rare synthesis of intimate, diaristic material within a highly crafted and refined framework. For tonight’s program, Keller will premiere her new film, The Answering Furrow, and show rarely-seen standard 8mm films from the 1970s. The Answering Furrow takes its title from a line in Virgil’s Georgics. The film moves out from the classical text to present cultivation and growth through the trace of Virgil’s life: backwards toward a more primitive landscape turning on itself to bring the life back into the field the filmmaker knows — her own backyard, the farmer she knows — her father.

Films: The Answering Furrow (1985), 16mm, 30 min.; By 2s and 3s: Women (1974), 8mm, 7 min.; The Web (1977), 8mm, 10 min.; She/Va (1971), 8mm, 3 min.