Dear Phone (1976) by Peter Greenaway

Sunday, October 20, 1985, 8:00 pm

The Experiment of Narrative: Reverse Angle


800 Chestnut Street

San Francisco, CA, 94133

This third evening devoted to narrative film approaches the issue from the far side of story-telling. The filmmakers on this program come from a consciously experimental background, and seek to incorporate the conventions of narration into their own unique visions. De Landa’s fragmented screen and eccentric camera angles, Land’s puns and conundrums, Greenaway’s satire, Kuchar’s baroque excesses, all rely on a humorous approach to their subjects that sidestep the expectations of conventional cinema.

Mañuel De Landa: The Itch, Scratch, Itch Cycle; Peter Greenaway: Dear Phone; Owen Land (a.k.a. George Landow): On the Marriage Broker Joke as Cited by Sigmund Freud…; Leslie Thornton: Peggy and Fred in Hell; George Kuchar: Cattle Mutilations