Diploteratology (1967) by Owen Land

Sunday, November 17, 1985, 8:00 pm

The Films and Videotapes of Owen Land

Filmmaker Owen Land in person


800 Chestnut Street

San Francisco, CA, 94133

Films: Diploteratology; No Sir, Orison; What’s Wrong With This Picture?; The Film That Rises To The Surface Of Clarified Butter; Remedial Reading Comprehension; Wide Angle Saxon and others. Tapes: The Box Theory (1984), Noli Me Tangere (1983).

“The most impressive avant-garde film-maker of the 1970s was George Landow (a.k.a. Owen Land). Since 1969, when he released Institutional Quality and thereby found a place for his astonishing verbal wit in his cinema, he has produced a coherent body of aggressively original films and has asserted, through those films, a unique position in opposition to the very genre in which he works.” — P. Adams Sitney