Degrees of Limitation (1982) by Scott Stark

Thursday, March 13, 1986, 8:00 pm

The Films of Scott Stark

Filmmaker Scott Stark in person


758 Valencia Street

San Francisco, CA 94110

San Franciscan Scott Stark is one of the most active and prolific filmmakers of his generation. This will be his first one-person show at the Cinematheque. ‘‘The camera is becoming less an invisible observer and more an active participant. The completed film is a record of its own process of production. Constructions of color, pattern, shape and sound from common objects are possible solutions. Shopping malls, banks and parking lots are likely locations. The lyrical, the poetic and the absurd emerge despite an impulsive progression toward artificiality.” — S.S.

Super-8 films: Texturale (1984); Language Film (1984); 11/9/85/Las/Vegas/NV (1985); Probability of the Event (1986); Low Resolution TV (1986). 16mm films: Degrees of Limitation (1982); Corporate Accounting (1982); Flight Attendant (1986).