Invisible Adversaries (1978) by Valie Export

Wednesday, October 28, 1987, 8:00 pm

The Films of Valie Export — I


3117 Sixteenth Street (at Valencia)

San Francisco, CA 94103

Valie Export has been one of the most active and provocative artists in Europe since the late 1960s when her performances gained international notoriety for the ways in which she physically confronted and involved the spectator. Since then Export has turned to film and video, and her works include 3 feature-length films as well as short films, videotapes, and multi-media installations. In all of her work Export challenges our attitudes towards sexuality, in particular, the role of women in society.

7:00 — Invisible Adversaries (1978) — A newly issued print of Export’s first feature, a powerful blend of film and performance depicting a woman’s isolation and alienation in modern Vienna.

9:15 — Menschenfrauen (1979) — Bay Area premiere of Export’s second dramatic film, which switches perspective to that of a central male character and his treatment of the many women in his life.