The Hart of London (1969) by Jack Chambers

Thursday, March 31, 1988, 8:00 pm

The Hart of London By Jack Chambers


800 Chestnut Street

San Francisco, CA, 94133

The Hart of London (1969, 90 min.) and R-34 (1967, 26 min.), both by Jack Chambers

The Hart of London is described in the most glowing terms by those few who’ve seen it. Composed largely of newsreels, it uses the recurrent image of a deer trapped and killed in downtown London, Ontario in 1954 to pursue the symbols of death and loss. As an added attraction we’ll be presenting the San Francisco premiere of R-34, a disjunctive portrait of Greg Curnoe. Jack Chambers was one of Canada’s most respected painters, bringing a highly developed visual esthetic to the filmmaking that he devoted his final years to.