Sunday, March 8, 1987, 8:00 pm

The Modern Film Group

Super-8mm Films From Hong Kong


800 Chestnut Street

San Francisco, CA, 94133

The films that most people know from Hong Kong are feature-length narratives, often of the Run Run Shaw Kung-fu variety. But now there is a group known as Modern Films, organized in 1983 by Roger Garcia, that has developed an alternative Hong Kong cinema outside the dominant structures of the commercial industry. The Modern Films group works in Super-8mm, 16mm and video, using the means and limitations available to them to create a more personally responsive cinema. They take as their credo J.P. Gorin’s quote that “if you have $2, you make $2 movies.” Tonight’s program features a selection of Super-8mm films by four members of the group, Comyn Mo, Jim Shun, Pia Ho and Simon Ko.