Thursday, March 8, 1984, 8:00 pm

Tim Kennedy

The filmmaker will be present


800 Chestnut Street

San Francisco, CA, 94133

The premier of two films by San Francisco filmmaker Tim Kennedy. “Some products have an immediate vogue; they are “best sellers” of their day. They are easy and so make a quick appeal. Their popularity calls out imitators, and they set the fashion for a time. But their ready assimilation into experience exhausts them very quickly; no new stimulus is derived from them. They have their day — and only a day. In these recent films by Kennedy the element of continual variation provided is what makes the work wear. This program mirrors the past and future work, because of the interaction and association with this vital part, serving the construction of an expanding whole.” — Joel Forrester/N.Y.C

The Man Who Lived Too Soon, 1983, 42 min.

The Wheels of Time, 1982, 28 min.