The Practice of Love (1984) by Valie Export

Thursday, October 29, 1987, 8:00 pm

Valie Export/Helke Sander

Valie Export in person


3117 Sixteenth Street (at Valencia)

San Francisco, CA 94103

7:00 — The Practice of Love (1984) by Valie Export — Export’s third feature is a departure for her in that it deals equally with political as well as sexual themes. While making a videotape about peep-show parlors, Judith, the protagonist, happens to meet an ex-lover who is involved in illegal arms dealings. In getting newly involved with him, she becomes caught in an increasingly complex web of paranoia and conflicting emotions.

9:00 — The Trouble with Love (1984) by Helke Sander — Sander stands in the foreground of feminist filmmaking in Europe. Her tragi-comic sense of the world around her colors her films in personal and political hues that are both witty and incisive. Here she continues to explore the themes of chaos, change, child rearing and sexual politics that she began in her earlier work (Redupers and The Subjective Factor). With Sander acting the leading role, Trouble… depicts the troubled triangle of two best friends and the man they both love.