Tuesday, April 30, 2013, 12:00 am

Artifacts and Artificial Acts

Co-Presented with Pacific Film Archive and the San Francisco International Film Festival


1746 Post St.

San Francisco, CA 94115

Nine recent experimental films look at troubling facts and surprising moments with beauty and inventiveness Decaying ledgers, an ancient Turkish site, and a petrified giant are among the artifacts excavated to reflect on our present times. A conversation between a president and an astronaut is unearthed, a disturbing speech is recreated, traces of a vanished culture are presented… or invented. (Vanessa O'Neill & Kathy Geritz) SCREENING:The Name is not the Thing named (2012) by Deborah Stratman—a visual and sonic journey that suggests the otherness of familiar encounters; Artificial Persons by Katherin McInnis—moments are woven into a hypnotic exploration of truth and power; A Few Extra Copies by Bobby Abate—an obsessive reenactment of Budd Dwyer's final speech is a haunting meditation on life's pressures and constraints; Pipe Dreams by Ali Cherri—two moments in Syrian history twenty-five years apart speak to how authoritarian regimes protect their power—and their image; Life is an Opinion, Fire a Fact by Karen Yasinsky—Animation is used to explore ideas of faith and intentionality behind drastic actions; Verses by James Sansing—decomposing ledgers found in an abandoned juvenile hall create startling Rorschach patterns; The Indeserian Tablets by Peter Rose—the religion, stories, and practices of a vanished culture are annotated in an imaginary ethnography; View from the Acropolis by Lonnie von Brummelen—cultural appropriation is reexamined through a visit to an ancient site from which antiquities were taken; Bloom by Scott Stark—the arid Texas landscape of oil drilling yields a moment of beauty.