Saturday, April 6, 2013, 12:00 am

CROSSROADS 2013 program 4

...in which the players in the great spectacle vanish into mystery!


2961 16th Street

San Francisco, CA 94103

Works by Olivia Ciummo, Erin Espelie, Josh Gibson, Natasha Mendonca, Kathleen Rugh and Robert Todd

Admission: [$5 members / $10 non-members]
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CROSSROADS 2013 is sponsored by Ninkasi Brewing and Cole Hardware
thanks to promotional partner Oddball Film+Video

Within (2012) by Robert Todd; 16mm, color, sound, 9 minutes, print from the maker. bay area premiere.
“Into the darkness, into the light, a labyrinth of veils, bringing a perceptual language of a hall of mirrors to bear on the landscape.” (Robert Todd)

Kudzu Vine (2011) by Josh Gibson; 35mm, b&w, sound, 20 minutes, print from the maker. bay area premiere.
“A train advances through a railroad crossing flanked by dark masses of leaves and exits through the left of the frame, as if backwards in time. A radio program broadcasting to Georgia farmers waxes lyrical about kudzu’s many uses and virtues. This broadcast ushers in surreal and apocalyptic images and sounds of kudzu vines creeping forward, some say a foot a day. Photographed in black-and-white, and radiating with the luminance of early cinema, this ode to the climbing, trailing and coiling species Pueraria lobata evokes the agricultural history and mythic textures of the South, while paying tribute to the human capacity for improvisation.” (Josh Gibson)

Light Streaming (2012) by Kathleen Rugh; 16mm, color; sound, 7 minutes, print from the maker. bay area premiere.
“Imagery and sound create an encompassing environment where tunnels of light and the continual flow of water act as a connecting force between differing locales ranging from the Oregon coast to the depths of a park in Brooklyn. Stepping into one place and then out into another relates to the atmosphere and experiences of a dream.” (Kathleen Rugh)

Dew (2012) by Robert Todd; 16mm, color, silent, 3 minutes, print from the maker. world premiere.
“A morning’s rising and falling as constructed in the camera.” (Robert Todd)

Crystal Gaze (2012) by Robert Todd; 16mm, color, sound, 10 minutes, print from the maker. world premiere.
“A way of seeing the music of the world through conjunctive fragmentation. Film refractions formed in-camera, a grotesque that may grow...” (Robert Todd)

Jan Villa (2010) by Natasha Mendonca (India/USA); digital video, color, sound, 20 minutes, from the maker. bay area premiere.
“After the monsoon floods of 2005 that submerged Bombay, the filmmaker returns to her city to examine the personal impact of the devastating event. The result is Jan Villa, a tapestry of images that studies the space of a post-colonial metropolis but in a way that deeply implicates the personal. The destruction wreaked by the floods becomes a telling and a dismantling of other devastations and the sanctuaries of family and home. In its structure, Jan Villa is a vortex, drawing to its center all that surrounds it.” (Natasha Mendonca)

True-Life Adventure (2012) by Erin Espelie; digital video, color, sound, 6 minutes, print from the maker. bay area premiere.
“A dramatic five-minute nature documentary. When nature writes the screenplays, she doesn’t abide by crescendos.” (Erin Espelie)

Victoria (2012) by Olivia Ciummo; digital video, color, sound, 10 minutes, from the maker. bay area premiere.
“A visual and sonic poem of places that are in transition. Allegories spell out notions of war while three sisters, mixed up with nature and distorted, search for a place to rest. The three sisters search for a place to rest in a collage of different landscapes. As the siblings shift from location to location, the acousmetre shares thoughts of fear. Versions of human utopias are taken away by nature and all that is left are impressions of war. Filmed at confrontation sites around the Eastern US and the wilderness of North America with sound by A.E. Paterra.” (Olivia Ciummo)