Thursday, October 3, 2019, 7:30 pm

Farm and Friends, program 2

early works by Dale Hoyt


323 10th St. (at Folsom)

San Francisco, CA 94103

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Admission is FREE
Pictured above:
 Who Shot MM? (1981) by Dale Hoyt

Dale Hoyt in person

Telematic and Cinematheque, in conjunction with Telematic's current exhibition Farm and Friends—in 3D!, featuring Dale Hoyt's Farm (2016) are pleased to present, Before Farm, a screening and artist talk with Dale Hoyt, featuring precursors to the film. Shot in Hoyt’s characteristically dissonant style, the films in the screening include an experimental documentary about the canned harmonies of Muzak, featuring the voice of Hoyt’s dying father; a prank phone call, based on a prime-time soap opera, which registers a distorting fracture in the American psyche; the dramatic re-enactment of an obscene Hollywood grimace; and a study in hysteria. In diverse ways, the films capture Hoyt’s sense of bewilderment; his sensitivity to difficulty, excess and obscenity; and his uniquely abstract approach to narrative. The filmmaker will be on hand to discuss his work and to field questions about the films. (Telematic)

Who Shot MM? (1981) by Dale Hoyt
Over My Dead Body (1982) by Dale Hoyt
Braille (1986) by Dale Hoyt
The Male Glaze (2009) by Dale Hoyt