Sunday, May 3, 2015, 12:00 am

Lateral Thinking: Expanded Video Performance by Andrew Puls, Kit Young and viDEO sAVant

with Tonal Grace/Commode Minstrels in Bullface


55 Taylor Street

San Francisco CA 94102

Admission: $10 general /$5 Cinematheque members
Advance tickets available here
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Doors open at 7pm for installation viewing and drinks with artists.

Electrons meet the orgone in this overflowing smorgasbord of live sound, hybrid analog/digital video jamming, feedback loop freak outs and robotic puppet show spectacle run amuck—promising to fill Cinematheque’s Center for New Music project space with performers, projectors and gadgets galore.

Lateral Thinking, presented by the shifting performance video collective viDEO sAVant* is a structure for improvisation, a palette of images which provide an impetus for an exchange of musical and visual ideas with footage drawn from vintage sci-fi and the history of the avant garde cinema. With footage juxtaposed, re-ordered and recombined, live musicians react to the flow of pictures, evolving a rich live visual/aural score. Developing from his extensive Our Favorite Shows video sculpture series, Kit Young’s disturbingly hallucinogenic Delectable Crunchiness projects a monstrously synthesized video vision derived from surreal animatronic micro-landscapes—on display this evening for your confounded consideration—presented for one night only with the live accompaniment of Tonal Grace/Commode Minstrels in Bullface. Finally, Mr. Andrew (“Andy”) Puls appears in person to present an extended version of Sourceless, his continuing intuitive, “no source” video visualizations set to live sound. Using video feedback loops, video hardware processing and video synthesis, Sourceless uncovers the inner-world landscapes existing behind the scan-lines, presenting a rich world of electronic warmth and vision.

*with an always with a shifting line-up, tonight’s iteration of viDEO sAVant features: Jonathan Alford—Keyboards; Sheldon Brown—Reeds; Lief Fairfield—Violin; Lisa Mezzacappa—Bass; and Loraine Wible and Charles Woodman—Images.