Friday, November 7, 2014, 12:00 am

Mary Woronov, Warhol Superstar: Hedy

Mary Woronov In Person


701 Mission Street (at Third St)

San Francisco, CA 94103

Admission: $10 general/ $6 Cinematheque members (members, call the box office to reserve your tickets)
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In the early 1960s, Mary Woronov was sculpture student at Cornell University, afflicted with ennui, aching for escape. A class fieldtrip in 1964 to Andy Warhol’s legendary Factory (“It was dim and dirty-looking, as if it were underground”), led to an impromptu Screen Test (filmed by Gerard Malanga) and Woronov’s star ascended. Shortly thereafter she was dancing the infamous whip dance with Malanga on stage with the Velvet Underground and, in 1966, appeared in eight(!) of Warhol’s legendary filmic studies on stardom, camp and performativity. A lifelong career as an underground movie icon was launched. Mary Woronov appears in person at each screening to regale the congregation with tales of these tumultuous times. This two-part series is curated by Dale Hoyt and Steve Polta, in association with the San Francisco Art Institute.

In 1966, screen legend Hedy Lamarr was arrested in Los Angeles for shoplifting $21.48 worth of laxative tablets and eye drops. That same year, Andy Warhol, screenwriter Ronald Tavel and an amazing ensemble cast created the 66-minute Hedy, a camp reenactment, including arrest, interrogation, trial, execution and plastic surgical transformation. Representing the pinnacle of Warhol’s “superstar” phase of filmmaking, Hedy features the gloriously oblivious Mario Montez in the starring role with the Mary Woronov as the fabulously antagonistic sadomasochistic store detective. Gerard Malanga, Jack Smith, Ingrid Superstar and Ronald Tavel also appear. Soundtrack composed by John Cale and Lou Reed. (Steve Polta)