Wednesday, November 13, 2013, 12:00 am

Necrology and More: Films of Standish Lawder

Standish Lawder In Person


Pier 17, The Embarcadero #100

San Francisco CA 94111

presented in association with The Exploratorium’s Cinema Arts Program

Standish Lawder is a cinematic magician, an American original. His films are an astonishing mix of formal beauty, structural rigor, and a probing wit. He is a high-level performer with no net. Most of want to think outside the box; Lawder invented the box and then threw it away." (Clifford Ross)

Structural film pioneer and new Bay Area local Standish Lawder appears in person for a mini-retrospective of his formally witty film works including: Necrology (“Without doubt, the sickest joke I've ever seen on film”—Hollis Frampton); Colorfilm (“the ultimate consummate self-referential film”—Henry Kissinger); Runaway (“a terrible film based on a bad joke”—Tom DeWitt); Cat Film for Katy and Cynthia, a family and feline portrait; and others including Specific Gravity, Corridor and Dangling Participle.

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