Friday, November 29, 2013, 12:00 am

Nicolas Rey’s anders, Molussien

Nicolas Rey In Person


701 Mission Street (at Third St)

San Francisco, CA 94103

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A film in nine reels/nine chapters, screened in cross-processed 16mm, shown in random order, based on fragments from The Molussian Catacomb (1932–36), a novel by Günther Anders. Prisoners in cells of an imaginary fascist state, Molussia, transmit stories to one another about the outside world, in the form of series of philosophical fables. There are 362,880 ways of arranging the nine reels, and so one can reasonably regard every screening as a world premiere. “I wanted to make a film based on a novel that I couldn’t read, since it was written in a language that I don’t understand and there’s no translation.” (Nicolas Rey) “anders, Molussien exposes the fascism inside capitalism and vice versa. Few works so perfectly combine cine-sensuality and Marxist dialectics.” (Olaf Möller, Film Comment) Breaking news: For the first time in history, a fragment of the writings of Günther Anders have been translated into English, specifically for the current tour of Rey's anders, Molussien across the United States. Download Daniel Bowles' translation of Anders' "The Obsolescence of Mankind" here (two-page pdf). Special thanks to the Harvard Film Archive.

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