Saturday, May 12, 2018 — 8:30 pm


992 Valencia Street (at 21st Street)

San Francisco, CA 94110 – MAP

(415) 824-3890

Other Cinema: Media Archeology3

David Cox, Adrienne Finelli, Steve Polta, Dean Santomieri and Cyrus Tabar In Person

Presented in association with ATA’s Other Cinema

Admission: $7 (walk up sales only)

NOTICE! This special screening celebrates the re-pressing of the Craig Baldwin Science In Action Sound Sampler, an audio collage mash-up of soundtrack selections from Baldwin films 1978–1999. Assembled by San Francisco Cinematheque’s Steve Polta in 2003 and released in a (long out-of-print) CD edition of 99, Science In Action is now available on stereo audio cassette from ZAP Cassettes (and available for a limited time at Cinematheque’s online store).

Other Cinema: Media Archeology3
Comes now the 3rd of Other Cinema’s signature Media showcases, and the world premiere of Dean Santomieri’s Monuments in Steel and Glass, a spoken-word turn on his tenure as his school’s film-projectionist. An educational on urban architecture embedded into his teenage brain the accursed idea of Industrial Progress! Cyrus Tabar is also in the house, presenting It Is What It Is, his award-winning memoir on family secrets, drawn exclusively from snapshots and home movies. David Cox looks not to the past but to the future with Mise-en-Experience, a delightful demonstration of Cardboard’s Virtual Reality, so bring your smart-phones if you dare. PLUS the debut of Adrianne Finelli’s (in person) At the Edge (on the pics between Reg8mm perfs), Kevin Obsatz’ Deux Champs (Two Fields) (on a Duchamp photo “accident’), an Optigan overture, and Sam Green’s celebration of Louis Armstrong’s 1/4” tape recordings! Co-produced with SF Cinematheque, this format fest also launches Baldwin/Polta’s Science in Action sound-sampler, bumped to tape by ZAP Cassettes. (Craig Baldwin)