Saturday, May 12, 2018, 8:30 pm

Other Cinema: Media Archeology3

David Cox, Adrienne Finelli, Steve Polta, Dean Santomieri and Cyrus Tabar In Person


992 Valencia Street (at 21st Street)

San Francisco, CA 94110

Presented in association with ATA’s Other Cinema

Admission: $7 (walk up sales only)

NOTICE! This special screening celebrates the re-pressing of the Craig Baldwin Science In Action Sound Sampler, an audio collage mash-up of soundtrack selections from Baldwin films 1978–1999. Assembled by San Francisco Cinematheque’s Steve Polta in 2003 and released in a (long out-of-print) CD edition of 99, Science In Action is now available on stereo audio cassette from ZAP Cassettes (and available for a limited time at Cinematheque’s online store).

Other Cinema: Media Archeology3
Comes now the 3rd of Other Cinema’s signature Media showcases, and the world premiere of Dean Santomieri’s Monuments in Steel and Glass, a spoken-word turn on his tenure as his school’s film-projectionist. An educational on urban architecture embedded into his teenage brain the accursed idea of Industrial Progress! Cyrus Tabar is also in the house, presenting It Is What It Is, his award-winning memoir on family secrets, drawn exclusively from snapshots and home movies. David Cox looks not to the past but to the future with Mise-en-Experience, a delightful demonstration of Cardboard’s Virtual Reality, so bring your smart-phones if you dare. PLUS the debut of Adrianne Finelli’s (in person) At the Edge (on the pics between Reg8mm perfs), Kevin Obsatz’ Deux Champs (Two Fields) (on a Duchamp photo “accident’), an Optigan overture, and Sam Green’s celebration of Louis Armstrong’s 1/4” tape recordings! Co-produced with SF Cinematheque, this format fest also launches Baldwin/Polta’s Science in Action sound-sampler, bumped to tape by ZAP Cassettes. (Craig Baldwin)