Thursday, August 8, 2019, 7:30 pm

Still Dreaming: Remembering Phil Solomon

curated and presented by Steve Anker


701 Mission Street (at Third St)

San Francisco, CA 94103

Pictured above: Twilight Psalm II: Walking Distance
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Admission: $10 General/$6 Cinematheque Members
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Program presented in association with Canyon Cinema

Phil Solomon (January 3, 1954—April 20, 2019) was among the great avant-garde filmmakers of this era. Solomon’s more than twenty films and digital pieces create an interior universe that has rarely, if ever, been surpassed in any medium for its intimacy, evocation of personal sensibility, expressive dream-like sounds and images, and for its sublime—and terrifying—sense of ambiguity between the recognizable world and its dissolution. Perhaps the last significant innovator of special effects on celluloid, Solomon magically transforms pre-existing images and sounds into dense landscapes that are sensual revelations. In Solomon’s hands, home movie footage, early Hollywood personae and brief moments from classic Twilight Zone episodes become surfaces that contain hidden truths about the ephemerality of life, the mysteries of memory and the inevitability of loss. (Steve Anker)

This tribute includes several of Solomon’s major works: Twilight Psalm I: The Lateness of the Hour (1999), Remains to be Seen (1989/94), The Exquisite Hour (1989/94), Twilight Psalm II: Walking Distance (1999) and Still Raining, Still Dreaming (2008-9).

Clip from "The Exquisite Hour" (1989, 1984) from Phil Solomon on Vimeo.

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